Registration Fees and Tuition

Registration fees are a one-time cost per child. You may choose to purchase an abacus at the time of registration.

Registration Fee
$100 (including abacus)
$80 (no abacus included)

Tuition is done on a monthly basis and is 1 class per week. Additional classes are available for an extra fee per session.

Age Range Session Length Monthly Tuition Additional Class
Pre-K & Kinder 45 minutes $100 $25
First Grade and up 1 hour $100 $25
Long term absence fee: $50/month


Discounts are available per the information below. Discounts are not exclusive and multiple discounts can be applied when applicable.

Sibling discount $5 discount for the second child
Quarterly discount $5 discount applied to each month when pre-paying
for a 3-month block (totaling a $15 discount)

Payment Details

Tuition shall be paid at the first class of each month.

Payment methods only include cash and check. Please make checks payable to Wizard of Math.

Class Policies

We reserve the right to refuse and/or terminate admission to the program for any reason. For students who cannot follow teacher instructions, the teachers will request a conference with the parents to discuss behavior, and may even request the parents to attend the class with the child. If the child's behavior does not improve, the teacher may remove the child from class enrollment.


Please print out the Application Form, fill it out and bring it with the registration fee to one of the class locations.

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